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Q: Linq result of not-known length I have to replace old solution with new one which works on LINQ. The old one uses yield to get result of not-known length, so old solution looks like this: public IEnumerable GetObjects(string partNum) { List result = new List(); string searchPartNum = partNum + "\." + APP_ID; string[] results = _database.ExecuteReaderQuery("SELECT * FROM Parts WHERE (PartNum LIKE @0) AND (Status = 'Y')", searchPartNum); //foreach (var r in results) //{ //result.Add(new dynamic { PartNum = r, Status = "Y" }); //} //convert result to an IEnumerable return result; } So now I tried to do the same with LINQ. var res = _database.ExecuteReaderQuery("SELECT * FROM Parts WHERE (PartNum LIKE @0) AND (Status = 'Y')", searchPartNum); var data = res.Select(x => new { x.PartNum, x.Status = "Y" }); return data; In this case DataGridView is not updating with new items when database has new results. So how to get this result using LINQ in.NET 3.5? A: You should use ToList() to get a list of the query results. Then in the Linq To Object method, you can then assign the results to a list of dynamic




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Media Player For_Kamasutra 3D
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