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Michele Fabbri

Michele Fabbri


Michele Fabbri is a hard worker, determined person who is always seeking perfection in his products and services, that's why after being involved in the Stone and Construction industry for more than 30 years he decided to open his own company: MF Italian Marble. Since then MF Italian Marble completed various project all over London and overseas, which are all linked together on three characteristics: Top quality, Happy Client and No complaint. Now, that is how we work! Unlike many ( if not all ) of our competitors, we put you and your ideas first, we are always willing to take on board new challenges. 


MF Italian Marble has to be the best on the market, that's why we enriched our team with cutting-edge technology, software, and machinery from all over the globe. Thanks to the passion and technology that we involve in our project we can guarantee the quality that no other would, whether it's a floor, work surface, wall or high-end furniture clad in marble.


Thanks to Michele experience and knowledge we work very closely with some of the finest quarries and factories of the stone industry whether you need marble, granite, onyx or even semi-precious and composite





Michele and his firstborn son Federico form our executive team. They take care of every process from the selection of the material to the supervision while installing. Always lead by their passion for the natural stone

During the last two years, the team undergoes numerous training courses in the UK, in the Netherlands, and in Italy to acquire new knowledge and technologies on the manufacture of the stone. 

Together with the installation team, we can guarantee a professional job of unique quality and within the deadline; After all, we never had a complaint... only compliments!

Federico Fabbri

Federico Fabbri


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