We turn dreams



Making the Impossible, Possible


The best solution to guarantee an unrivalled service is to understand the requests and wishes of the client entirely. MF Italian Marble Installation & Design gives freedom to your imagination, making every idea possible.


Thanks to Michele experience and knowledge we have the privilege to purchase our materials from some of the finest quarries in the worldFor each project, we organise a stone selection in the best territories for the marble industry such as Verona and Carrara, because we want you to have a closer look at the material you're about to purchase and all the hard works that there's behind.


MF Italian Marble has the best software and technologies in the sector; therefore we guarantee a finished product that no other would.

We like to spoil our clients, that's why in our services is included 2D, 3D, CAD drawings and Renderings, but unlike our competitors what you see in our pictures is what you get!


After years of experience, hard work and the pursuit of perfection we develop new and unique techniques of installation, becoming one of our key services... if not the best, after all only with a perfect setup you brings out all the quality of the material. The best-seller is our floor & walls polishing service.

What does it mean?   

" It means you will not be able to feel or find any joints and it will look like your bathroom was caved directly inside the mountain.

Only MF Italian Marble is providing this service! "


Marble is a hard, naturally derived stone that must be taken care of meticulously to preserve its lifespan and keep it looking beautiful

For our customers, we offer maintenance service including treatment against corrosion, weathering elements and wrong routine cleaning. 

If you don't know how to take care of the marble in your house or you need advice on how to clean or which product to use, ask the experts!